5 Ways of Staying Healthy at Home

5 Ways of Staying Healthy at Home

  1. Eat healthy - Meal plan and shop for the week. Eating healthy meals at home helps you cut down on fat, salt, and sugar while saving you money. If you are working from home right now, you are probably eating out less. Make plans to try something new: new food or new ways of cooking. Get the family involved and make it a learning experience. Try themed nights that focus on different countries which make it fun and educational while trying new, healthy food.
  2. Stay hydrated! The proper amount of water and fluids will help your body fight off viruses and stay strong. With the distractions and new schedules, it is easy to forget to drink enough water and proper liquids. You can try things like tracking your water intake, making sure you have a full glass of water with each meal and getting a large reusable water bottle.


  1. Physical Exercise – daily walks with the family pet and kids might be hard to schedule. Try apps and videos online that will introduce you to new activities like dance, yoga and Pilates. If you live alone, reach out to family and friends and do virtual group fitness activities and encourage them to be your accountability person. Check in daily and make it a routine.
  1. Mental Exercise – May is Mental Health awareness month! Take 5 minutes out of each day and do something for your mental health. There are plenty of free meditation apps and resources online that will help you track your activity. Set reminders on your phone and make it a family activity. Don’t forget to reach out to family members and friends during this time. Group calls, zoom chats can help everyone feel better. Practice gratitude during your meditation or group chats.

  2. Personalize you medical care – There are plenty of safe and easy-to-use home health tests that you can purchase without leaving your house. Make sure your tests are purchased from a reputable site, check for FDA clearance and consult your doctor first if you have questions. These at-home tests can provide results to medical issues you may be concerned about while you aren’t able to visit your doctor in person. Again, always consult your physician first.

A few other tips and advice that will help with your physical and mental health during these trying times that you may not have thought about.

  • Stand up or walk around while you read and answer emails and other messages on your laptop or phone.
  • Take a short walk during lunch, or in place of a coffee break.
  • Plan a virtual family reunion that includes online games offered from apps like Kahoot!
  • Do a few simple exercises like jumping jacks or walking in place, or doing stretches in front of the screen.
  • Make new games or rules during family tv time like no sitting during commercials

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