About Us

Since 1996 Alfa Scientific Designs, Inc. (ALFA) has succeeded at establishing a worldwide reputation for superiority, quality and innovation in developing and manufacturing rapid, diagnostic health tests. For more than 2 decades ALFA tests have been used for point-of-care diagnostics by doctors, hospitals, and laboratories all over the world. The global reach of our Instant-view® brands has cemented our reputation for the highest quality diagnostic tests that are fully manufactured only in the USA. Making health tests widely available supports our mission to improving everyone's personal well-being.  ALFA encourages you to KNOW YOURSELF HEALTH!


All of our Instant-view® products are made in the US where we stand at the forefront of innovative product development. ALFA’s Driven Flow® Technology is our patented, groundbreaking platform that was developed to supply our customers with the best quality products that we've built our reputation on.


We are located in Poway, CA, just northeast of downtown San Diego where we manufacture all of our products in a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


We specialize in rapid, point-of-care health tests for the detection of drugs of abuse, fertility hormones, infectious diseases, cardiac and cancer markers, and other diagnostic areas. ALFA has the most comprehensive family of high-quality diagnostic products in cassette and dip strip formats to test urine, serum, whole blood and oral fluid specimens.  


We are proud of our commitment for the past 23 years to provide you with health tests that truly are made in the USA only. You can rely on our quality and the superiority of all ALFA products.

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